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The CHAMELEON is a individually controlled full color RGB LED module and each module is programmable to display motion pictures. The CHAMELEON system supports various movie types such like 3D animation file, flash movie, graphic format including JPEG, and motion picture formats including MPEG and AVI. It can produce 1073 million colors with SMD LED lamp. Single SMD type lamp has 3 light emitting diode chips, one for red, one for green, and one for blue. This 3 chips in 1 lamps provides smooth mixture of colors, which can not be achieved with old-fashioned superflux LED lamp. With high speed controlling ability, plenty of applications are available such as facade lighting, interior lighting, and also channel lighting. While maintaining its extreme energy efficiency, it also provides reliable assurance that lighting output remains 70% level out of initial output after using 42,500 hours. Please let us welcome you to our hassle free lighting system.


Color: RGB
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